Make Your New Business Building Sustainable


The market for green building has been hurtling upwards in the last few years. The value of sustainable buildings has been growing by billions of dollars in a short time, due to companies beginning to realize that not only can building green give you some government incentives, but it can also have a very high potential for cost savings in the short and long run. There are a variety of reasons why business owners should make their new business green and endless ways to achieve that sustainability status.

Why Go Green?

            Most people are already aware that building sustainable buildings results in cost savings in a variety of areas. What they don’t know is that there is a lot more to it than saving a bit of money. The purpose of sustainability is to create a productive, healthy, and comfortable place for people to do their work, while also minimizing the use of resources and the impact the building has on the surrounding environment. While this may sound like a speech from an intense environmentalist, this is not about condemning people for their current buildings, but instead about encouraging them to consider the benefits of changing their ways.

            Along with tax deductions and reducing operating costs, having a sustainable building also gives you a unique selling point to hone in on. It also improves air and water quality, as well as enhances the health and comfort of those working inside the building. Because of strict environmentally friendly building rules, sustainable buildings tend to have much less hazardous health elements than a regular building. So not only is your business benefitting from going green, but so are your people.

What You Can Do

            Not sure where to start? There are hundreds of ways to make your business sustainable, from building an entirely new building to just making a few tweaks here and there. One of the most common suggestions you will hear is to implement a plethora of windows. The more windows you have, the more natural light can be used to light your offices, rather than manmade light.

            Another way you can be sustainable is by inhabiting a building that is already constructed, rather than building a brand new one. Construction waste is a huge problem in landfills, so by completely eliminating the main construction part of the building, you are helping out the environment immensely. If you do decide to construct a whole new building, make sure that you choose a site that is conducive to sustainability. Certain areas could damage the ecosystem and affect energy usage. Choosing an area that works best for both your building and the environment is an extremely important step in going green.

            When completing the building process, make sure that you are making the most of your space and not creating more than you need. A good way to be sustainable is to use recycled and/or recyclable materials and not create too much unneeded space. Also ask your builder to build using recyclable assemblies, so after the building is done being used, it can easily be unassembled and transformed into its next useful form.

            Sustainable building may make the process a little more difficult or take a little longer to complete, but you will have satisfaction in knowing that you are helping out the environment. The trend toward sustainable living is skyrocketing upward, and by building a green workplace, you will be innovative and ahead of the curve. Find a certified green builder today to discuss your plans; you may be pleasantly surprised with the final product.

Written by Kent Murdock, owner of Randy Adams Construction in Columbia, MO. Randy Adams Construction is one of the premiere commercial construction companies in Mid-Missouri.

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