Finding Great People Wherever You Move on Planet Earth


It may not be news to you, but human community is essential for most people’s health and happiness. Still, most people don’t live as if that’s true. People are proud to move for new jobs, exciting prospects, this that and the other, but you rarely hear about people moving to a place simply because their good friends or family are there. It does happen; I’ve done it myself. But this reason for moving to a new place should get more attention than it does.

Still, there are times when you aren’t able to live wherever you want. School or work might take you to a place where you don’t know anybody. For situations like this, it’s essential to know how to meet people. Some people seem to know how to do this intuitively, while others appear to have not a clue. If that sounds like you, it’s important to understand that these things don’t just happen out of thin air. You’ve got to put yourself out there, and you’ve got to do so in the right way. Here’s how people who make friends easily do it.

  1. Move to the Right Place. Understand the demographics and culture of any prospective locale you might move to. Even if you move to the wrong block, being surrounded by people who aren’t natural friend choices might set you back in the social department. Of course, you can be friends with anybody you want. But in the early days of a new life in a new place, it’s important to make it easy for yourself. In Australia, for instance, there are places where you would find interesting people devoted to community. These communities are built for that exact purpose, and places like this are everywhere. Once you are ready to buy up a new home, mortgages from NPBS can help you secure your right home for you. But even if you’re renting, look for a place with an established culture, one that is friendly.

  1. Become a Couch Surfer. Couch Surfers International is one of the best places to meet new people and see new places, all without spending much money at all. Couch Surfing hosts let people on the network come and stay at their house for free. The visitors (you) are normally from out of town, simply traveling or spending time trying out a new city. It’s a great way to meet interesting and generous people.

  1. Go on Friend Dates. Believe it or not, there are plenty of apps and networks meant simply to connect people as friends. If you are light in the friend department, use this technology to help you meet people who have similar interests and goals to you. Go to events, meet people at bars, eat drink and be merry. If you look for good people, you will find them.

As you can see, it takes a little work to find the best people for you, but they’re out there and they can be found. Using a diverse set of strategies, you can make sure that your social circle is always well stocked.

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