Benefits of Insulating Crawl Space Ducts in Your Home

Crawl Space Ducts in Your Home

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, renovating the one that you have or even simply doing a bit of spring cleaning, something that you should definitely pay attention to is your crawl space. If you’re not exactly familiar with what that is, crawl space is the bottom portion of the house that lifts it off of the ground. Typically, it’s where duct work and plumbing is placed so that it’s easier to access in case there is a problem or something needs to be cleaned.

 Insulating Crawl Space Ducts

As homes are becoming more and more energy efficient, one thing that a lot of homeowners are doing is insulating their crawl space ducts. If you’re interested in knowing about some of the benefits that come with doing so, we’ve provided you with a few of them along with some tips on how to effectively insulate your crawl space below:

Benefits of Insulating Your Crawl Space

It’s not uncommon for people to have their thermostat set to high during the winter months and yet, their flooring still seems to feel relatively cold. Oftentimes, this is the result of crawl space that has little to no insulation. And so actually, that’s one of the main benefits of placing insulation there: it helps to better protect your home from harsh water temperatures and conditions. Another benefit that comes with insulating crawl space is that because it provides the rooms of your house with additional protection, it ultimately ends up saving you money on heating and cooling costs. For example, if you happen to live in a particularly cold climate, by having insulated crawl space ducts, you don’t have to worry about constantly running your furnace the entire winter season. And still, two other benefits are that insulation also keeps outside air filtration to a minimum, plus it also helps to keep allergens, dirt and other forms of debris from coming into your ventilation systems.

Insulating Your Crawl Space

If you were to consult with a professional HVAC technician about things like making your unit more efficient, the importance of spring air conditioner maintenance or how to insure that you’re getting the best possible use out of your HVAC system, one of the things that they might mention is how insulating your crawl space ducts can help to make all of these things possible. Being that there are two different kinds of crawl spaces—ventilated and unventilated, it’s important that you know how to add insulation to each place. In the ventilated part of your crawl space, where there is no ductwork, you should add a spray foam to the floor of the house. You should also wrap any heat water lines to prevent your pipes from freezing in the wintertime.

Where your crawl space is unventilated, that is where there is ductwork. You can still use spray foam, but it needs to be applied to foundational walls and band boards too. This will keep you from losing heat in the winter or there being a build-up of condensation in the summer. This means that insulating your crawl space worth the time, money and effort year-round. For more information on how to insulate your crawl space, visit Bob Vila or This Old House and put “how to insulate crawl space” in the search field.

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