5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they often require a lot of maintenance. This is especially the case with older hardwood floors that are made from softer woods. If you treat your hardwood floors well, there is a good chance they will treat you well too by providing you with a beautiful surface to admire and walk on. Indeed, there are numerous ways you may be ruining your hardwood floor – you may be using the wrong cleaning solution or you may be not taking care of them. If you don’t maintain your wooden floors, they will very easily start to look worn and torn. Here are five ways to prevent damage to hardwood floors.

  1. Take your shoes off. For many people, getting in the habit of taking their shoes off before they enter the house is very difficult. However, the germs and bacteria that you bring in from the outside world can wreak havoc on hardwood floors. Not only that, but if you have hard-bottomed shoes or high heels, you can very easily scratch your floors, which start to become quite unsightly.
  2. Conditioner. Your wood floors – even though they were felled from a tree long ago – still breathe. Indeed, they are porous and can dry out quite easily. So, you want to make sure that you condition your hardwood floors with the appropriate conditioner. Using the appropriate conditioner is imperative, because you don’t want to cause more damage. So, find out what kind of wood your floors are made out of and find the right conditioner. Ideally, you want to condition your floors once a month – maybe more in the summertime.
  3. Purchase a humidifier. If you live in a particularly warm atmosphere, you want to make sure your wood floors don’t dry out. Even in the wintertime – when your heating system is blasting – you can run the risk of drying out your floors. Dry, brittle wood floors not only look bad, but they can also make the floors more susceptible to damage. With a humidifier, you can keep the moisture in the air at an optimal level and you will make sure your floors stay hydrated.
  4. Finish your floors. If your floors haven’t been finished in a long time, or if you have original hardwood flooring, you may want to think about finishing them. Finishing simply requires a light buffing and then a light coating of varnish is placed over the floors to preserve luster. You can finish your hardwood floors yourself, but you may want to hire the professionals to ensure you don’t mess anything up.
  5. Wear socks. This may seem too simple of a way to prevent damage to your floors and it may be too strict to force people to wear socks, but the oil in your feet can wind up doing a lot of damage to wood floors. You don’t need to enforce this policy with an iron fist, but you do want to encourage it. In the end, if too much oil from your skin seeps into your wood floors, they can look stained and dirty.

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