5 Cleaning Tips You Never Thought Of


If you are like 95% of people out there, your home is not a model of cleanliness and order. I don’t know how the other 5% do it, or even if the other 5% really exist. Most people simply find it tough to keep a house that is neat, much less clean. Clean is a different notion entirely. It’s about getting into all of the filthy little nooks and crannies in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your basement, under your bed. These regions of the home often go unaddressed, and this is where the worst mess problems can develop. If you have a hard time getting around to places like this, give Handy a visit. They can have an experienced cleaner at your house within 24 hours, fully licensed, really friendly, totally insured, background checked, and ready to clean your act up for you. Here are 5 ways you can do it yourself, if you so choose.

  1. Descaling the Coffee Maker. If the only part of your coffee machine that has ever been cleaned is the pot itself, you’ve got to give it some attention ASAP. Coffee residue adds up all throughout the inner workings of the machine. By mixing water with white vinegar, 50/50, then running the mix through a standard cycle, you’ll clear away this crud. Do this once every six months, or more often if you use your machine daily. Always run 2-3 clean water cycles after to flush the junk.

  2. Use Baking Soda for Counter Stains. If you have a countertop that has stains that just won’t go away, try baking soda. Scrubbing with only slightly diluted baking soda may be just the ticket, using a combination of strong pH and the abrasive power of the powder itself to make your stains go away for good.

  3. Use the Antibacterial Power of Vinegar. Even if your countertop and other surfaces look clean, they may still be havens for bacteria. Nip this problem in the bud by wiping these surfaces down with slightly dilute white vinegar. Make sure that this is wiped away cleanly afterwards with pure water and a towel. Do this more often if you have kids or regularly use germ-prone foods on these surfaces.

  4. Salt Spills. If you spill liquids or oils into hard to clean places (and let’s face it, what’s easy to clean with liquids like this?), make your job a little simpler by tossing down a light handful of salt over the affected area. The mess will be largely absorbed into the salt, allowing you to simply sweep it away. What remains will be much more easily cleaned with standard methods. This can also help if oil is spilled on a floor that cannot be immediately cleaned, like your kitchen floor during dinner prep. The salt will keep you and others from slipping on the material before it can be totally wiped up.

  5. Lemonize Your Microwave. Cut up a lemon or two and put it in a microwave-safe bowl of water. Nuke on high for five minutes and enjoy a lemony fresh microwave for a week or so.

There are a million other little tips and tricks to keeping a clean house. Learn them yourself or hire one of the friendly pros from Handy to do it for you. They can be at your house tomorrow and make it cleaner than you’ve ever seen it before.

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